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A Three-Day Community Charity Event benefiting those battling against Covid-19

Hosted Live on YouTube!


What is Rankup?

Coming Together as a Community

In late 2019 I had an idea to create a community led event that could help bring the Hogs of War community together. An event on this scale had never been attempted before, especially for a game that is now 20 years old! In wake of the pandemic, we decided to raise money for the Human Relief Foundation in our own fight against Covid-19. 

And thus - Hogs of War Rankup was born! What initially started as a tournament focused event has now spread into every avenue of the franchise. This year we are increasing the amount of days this event will go on for to 3 and will be including much more content, including the Hogs of War Card Game, map editing, speedrunning, impressions and of course - a big tournament! This is only our 2nd year running, and our goal this time around is to smash our total donation target of £500, which is almost double of what we managed to raise last year!

The Conference


Past Events

Rankup 2020 & Other Community Events


In the early summer of 2020 - the very first Rankup tournament was broadcast live over the course of a two day event. Eight Players came together to battle it out to decide who would be crowned Rankup Champion. The contest eventually ended in victory for ImpastusCastor, while the community managed to raise a grand total of £328 for HRF!


Despite the early teething problems on Day 1, the first Rankup Charity Event was a success for the community! Why not take a look at the previous donation page and reminisce of times gone by? Oh and you can also watch last years Rankup tournament if you like!


Hogs of War League


Following last years Rankup success - our attention soon turned to the competitive scene of Hogs of War. The community seemed to long for some kind of comp event, so I decided to create HoWL. The first season kicked off in September 2020 and lasted 3 months. 

The league was made up of 10 players, with the top 6 in the table going through to the Live Playoff Finals. The tournament that is hosted during Rankup is usually used to test out new competitive elements such as maps and class balances/changes which, if they are seen as positive within the community - are then adapted for use within the League. Why not take a look at the final table of Season 1 below, along with the league's official YouTube Channel!

Season 2 of the league is due to start in Autumn 2021. To stay updated come join the Hogs Community Discord! (Link at bottom of page)

  • YouTube

The Final Table


The Playoff Finals Results

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Top 10 Hogs of War Plays of The Month

Roughly every month the Top 10 Hogs of War Plays series continues over on my channel. Here the community can submit their amazing plays & bloopers, all with a chance of making the top 10 for that month. This series is fairly new, however a separate website is available for all clip submissions (see below).

All clips are welcome, simply follow the submission instructions where you need to let me know:

  • your name

  • which country you originate from

  • which type of play is being submitted

  • which class was used, along with a brief description of the clip itself

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Interested in Joining Us?


Looking to join Rankup? The League? Our admin team?We are always on the lookout for new players to participate in Rankup & the League, along with others to join our team behind the scenes. 


If you are interested in taking part in this years tournaments or if you would like to help out with the technical aspects of these events, such as video editing, streaming assistance or hosting - please feel free to contact us directly below. 

We try to include all members of the community in these events, however please remember that we are only a small team of people that are working on these things in our spare time, so your patience & understanding are greatly appreciate!

Have got what it takes?

Thanks for submitting!

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